Rene Erik Olsen

Painter, Photographer and Researcher

My next book - work in progress

Hi everyone!

This to let you know that after my work on "The George Adamski Story" (photographical research) I am now working on a new book - working title is  "Technology and Propulsion of the Visitors" - It is a book about the technology - and propulsion of the shuttle crafts seen (usually called UFOs) and the larger so-called motherships/cruisers.

A small part of the book will also tell about what is known about the cosmos/universe - in essence a bit about cosmology.

The book will again be filled with a lot of photographs - and around twenty paintings which I am in the process of doing especially for this book - scenes from inside the shuttle crafts and motherships/cruisers and scenes from planetary surfaces.

Book should be finished in a year (sometime around September 2019).


One shuttle craft type

Below is the interior cabin of a shuttle craft shown - below cabin floor is main engine. A detailed interior description and image will be in the book.