Rene Erik Olsen

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A page from my new book - about Space, Time, Gravity and the speed of light

Space, Time, Gravity and the speed of light – What’s up!


If terrestrial science thinks that today’s and yesterday’s theories cannot be changed or disproven today or in the future, then maybe it is because the “viewing-angle” at which science tries to prove these theories or disprove them, is wrong. Try changing the premises of the problem and maybe, just maybe the results will look different.

Even though Albert Einstein in his theory of special relativity in 1905 (and in 1907 Hermann Minkowski) formulated/theorized that it is impossible to move faster in a vacuum than the speed of light (approx. 186.000 miles per second) – which is the speed of photon particles (electromagnetic radiation – which is waves) in a vacuum - terrestrial science has NEVER transported ANYTHING (a craft) at that speed through the vacuum of space. Scientists have made calculations, but have never actually done it. So where is the proof that a mass (a craft) CANNOT go faster than the speed of light? It is only electromagnetic radiation which does not move faster than that. That does not mean that a mass cannot go faster than that speed. The premise/law of physics that mass increases with speed when moving in a vacuum is WRONG (and Einstein and Minkowski actually pointed to this possibility in their theories). Because the theories of relativity say that it is impossible to exceed the speed of light – does not mean that it IS impossible (some galaxies actually moves at faster than light speed away from each other).

It is almost the same as if science says that there is no LIFE outside the Earth, because all theories point to the fact that there cannot be co-existing civilizations in the Universe – because they have not found any. Because science says that it is so, how do they know the answer to that question? Have they searched the entire known Universe? NO! I instead suggest looking objectively at the premise and come to your own conclusions. What is the likelihood that the Earth is the only living planet in the vast Universe? Or just in the Milky Way galaxy – consisting of approx. 200 billion stars of which around 10 percent (20 billion) is sun-like stars? Just think about it.

Space and Time – as I have explained earlier – was created simultaneously when our Universe was created. The same was Gravity and Light.

Space and Time are – contrary to what most of terrestrial science thinks (again derived from Einstein’s and Minkowski’s theories) – separate “entities”. Space is the PHYSICAL CONSTRAINT of the Universe and Time is a FORCE within Space. Time, just as the other known forces in the Universe (Electromagnetism, Gravity, the Weak Nuclear Force and the Strong Nuclear Force) are waves which consist of smaller units. Like I touched on in the previous pages – Time is important to fully understand (together with Gravity) when travelling at speeds exceeding the “terrestrial accepted” maximum speed of the Universe (the speed of light) which terrestrial physics postulate.